No Barnyard Bullies NFT Collection


⭐️ Each NFT will depict one of five characters drawn by my talented illustrator, Jensen Russell from the new children’s book, No Barnyard Bullies.

⭐️ Every purchase is a surprise NFT. You will see what NFT you have purchased on the day of the NFT drop. You own your purchased unique and original NFT which you can trade or sell.

⭐️ Buy the No Barnyard Bullies NFT now and you will get a digital pre-release copy of your next book, as well as a signed hardcopy when the book hits the shelves.

⭐️ When you purchase an NFT, you become a member of the StarStyle® community. As a member, you are entitled to participate in exciting events exclusive to the community including hangouts, storytelling, book readings, sneak peeks, classes, discussions, and good old down-on-the-farm fun, all virtually from the comfort of your couch.

⭐️ You will be making a difference by empowering women, families, and youth through increased literacy and positive media messages. Your purchase will benefit Be the Star You Are!® 501c3 charity

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The StarStyle Community NFT Benefits

About Be the Star You Are!® 501 c3 charity

Be the Star You Are!®is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) arts and culture corporation whose mission is to empower women, families, and youth through improved literacy, tools for living, and positive message media.

Be the Star You Are!® collects, distributes, and promotes books as well as produces positive message radio programs with a mission of increasing literacy, decreasing violence, raising life skills, self-worth, and self-esteem.  This media ranges from education and advisement to inspiration and guidance covering every aspect of life, from abuse through money management, health, environmental stewardship, relationships, parenting, business skills, art, music and entertainment. Be the Star You Are!® is proud of the success of its many outreach programs.

Be the Star You Are!® promotes the creed, “Read, Lead, Succeed!” by writing and publishing inspirational books and book reviews, and broadcasting two internationally uplifting, life-changing, positive radio programs, StarStyle®-Be the Star You Are!® an upbeat healthy lifestyle show and Express Yourself!™ giving teens a voice. Young people are taught to be confident, authentic reporters and writers. Both programs bring to the airwaves authors, artists, actors, activists, poets, musicians, entrepreneurs, experts, and the pioneers on the planet who are making a positive contribution to our world through their creative endeavors.

Be the Star You Are!® saves trees through its book recycling programs by rescuing and redistributing many of the millions of unsold or damaged books that are shredded and burned each year. Being a conscientious steward of the earth is important to the organization.

Besides helping the less fortunate of our communities and country, a main goal of Be the Star You Are!® 501 c3 is to help each volunteer grow into a leader who cares, shares, and is fair. Volunteers are guided, mentored, and tutored into becoming the stars they were born to be. BTSYA helps our volunteers strive for excellence and achieve their dreams. We communicate, collaborate, and innovate.

“You are such an inspiration!!! A rare diamond and the most influential mentor I’ve ever had. You’re a beacon of light that I aspire to inch closer to every day. It’s amazing to see you extending your reach and resources globally.” Henna Hundal, Chief Operator at Harvard Radio 

Be the Star You Are!® is an all-volunteer organization that operates through contributions, in-kind donations, and proceeds from fund-raising events.  Be the Star You Are!® does not receive state or federal funding and is solely dependent on contributions from the community and corporations. Be the Star You Are!® is consistently honored as a TOP NON PROFIT by Guidestar and Great Non-Profits.

Visit our BTSYA Creative Community at

“Of my volunteer organizations, Be the Star You Are is definitely my favorite. It’s unique in that it helps you as much as you help others through it.” Katie Choo, Teen Volunteer

Be the Star You Are!® supports all ethnicity’s and has no religious or political agendas or affiliations. Be the Star You Are!® is proud to have been serving the community, country, and world since 1999.

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